Chimney Lining

What is chimney/flue lining?

This is when a flexible stainless steel flue system is inserted into your existing chimney. It creates a safe and efficient way of removing the products of combustion from the fireplace/stove to the outside without causing danger to the occupants of the household/neighbours. 


Why do I need to line my chimney?

  • If there are problems with the existing chimney – gases such as carbon monoxide can leak out into the room or other parts of the house/neighbour’s house. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas which has no smell and cannot be seen.
  • Condensates or tar can seep through chimney walls causing staining, inside or outside of the building. This can increase the risk of chimney fires.
  • Lining and insulating improves the efficiency of the appliance and flue. Liners are designed to evacuate gases quicker than open chimneys. 
  • If your existing flue is too large for the fire or the appliance being used it will be inefficient and cause flue gases to cool very quickly resulting in a high level of condensates which are hard to remove when sweeping.
  • If the old flue surface is eroded and rough, it can cause resistance to the flow of gasses, resulting in poor up draught.

What if I don’t have a chimney?

Do not worry! Most properties can be fitted with an Insulated Flue System.