Wood Burning & Multi Fuel Stove Installation - Perthshire

Are you unsure about what type of stove to install or even if you can install a stove in your area? You are not alone! We can help you right from the start by conducting an onsite survey. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

What size of room do you want to heat?

It is important that you install an appliance that has a heat output that is appropriate to the size of the room it will be in. Heat output is usually given in kilowatts. The room that you want to heat will need to be measured to identify this. There are also other factors such as, the age of the house, how well insulated the house is and if you want to use the appliance to heat other rooms or your water.

What is your budget?

Inevitably, budget plays a big factor when choosing your stove. Depending on the complexity of the installation you should budget from £1,500 to £4,000 which includes the cost of your stove.

What type of fuel do you want to burn?

If you know you will only ever burn wood then a wood-burning stove is your best option. However, if you are unsure and want the choice of burning smokeless fuels then you are better to choose a multi-fuel stove.

Do you want to run radiators and a hot water supply from your stove?

If you do you will need to install a boiler stove which will use the energy generated to heat your radiators and provide a hot water supply.

What style of stove suits your home?

Once you have answered the above questions you now need to look at the style of your room/home. There are a wide variety of stoves for you to choose from, traditional, classically styled cast iron boxes to complicated modern designs. Typically, the more complicated the design the more expensive the stove tends to be.

Glenalmond Stoves is here to help you throughout this process. We offer full installation service from start to finish for your wood-burning or multi-fuel stove, which includes minor building work and fireplace renovation. We will work in partnership with a plumber to install a boiler stove.

Installation Process for an existing Fireplace

Here at Glenalmond Stoves we can offer you a full installation service. No two jobs are the same but here is an example of what to expect when installing a stove in an existing fireplace.

  • Usually we start with opening up and exposing the original fireplace
  • Reform fireplace openings and pointing stonework
  • Lay a new hearth – Hearths must be fitted to minimum specification as required by the building regulations
  • Fit register plate – We handmake all our register plates onsite to suit the top of the fireplace opening and to ensure a better quality installation
  • Line the chimney – We always line chimneys with a flexible liner to ensure maximum efficiency and safety
  • Next we position and level the stove and connect it to the liner via the register plate and vitrouse pipe 
  • Insulation – we always insulate the chimney cavity as again it ensures maximum efficiency and safety
  • Once the chimney is insulated and sealed we fit a bird guard cowl
  • Now we smoke test the appliance and flue for sufficient draw and install a Carbon Monoxide alarm and stove pipe thermometer

Our services are fully insured and compliant to HETAS and building regulations.